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Tree Trimming Service Los Angeles

Tree Trimming

If you have trees on your residential or commercial property in need of trimming, take advantage of our expert tree trimming services. Our experienced staff will know how to trim any trees to look complimentary to the surrounding landscape, and to help maintain a neat and well-kept appearance. Trees that are maintained can provide great aesthetic appeal for any property.

If you have a tree in need of trimming, let us at L.A. Arbor Care take care of the work for you. We keep your trees healthy and beautiful with proper tree care maintenance. If you have a tree trimming need,

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Emergency Tree Service

Emergency Tree Service

Storms, fires, winds and more can bring down tree limbs and topple entire tree trunks. Emergency tree removal service is necessary when your property has sustained damage due to any type of accident related to nature or an unforeseen incident. Severe storms and decay can cause unexpected tree damage. L.A. Arbor Care can offer expertise and professional experience to clean up and remove any fallen trees, branches, or debris caused by any unpredicted event.

If you suspect a tree has become unsafe, or you have any form of storm damage, please contact us immediately. L.A. Arbor Care will get there as soon as possible to assess the damage, take action, and ensure your safety. Our emergency tree service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Tree Removal Los Angeles

Tree Removal

The best way to get rid of any unwanted, dangerous, or declining tree, is by hiring a professional arborist. Tree removal should be considered if your tree is an obstruction, safety hazard, or in declining health. Our team can remove any tree no matter the condition or circumstance. We are utilizing the finest equipment and tools to deliver only the utmost results.

Trees that have reached the end of their life span, have been damaged by storms, or have become diseased, present a safety hazard, and must be removed. Special skills and tools are required to do this safely. It is important to hire an experienced arborist to ensure that your work is done professionally and safely.

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Certified Arborist Los Angeles

Arborist Consultations

L.A. Arbor Care offers complete evaluations and reporting performed by an ISA-certified arborist. Consultations can cover such topics as tree value appraisals, tree inventories, decay detection and measurement, hazard assessments, and budgetary management plans.

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Weed Abatement Service

Weed Abatement

1. Vegetation must not exceed 6 inches in height any time after the compliance deadline.

2. Maintain grasses and weeds below six (6) inches for ten feet horizontally on both sides of all roadways, including driveways and all access routes.

3. Clear flammable vegetation a minimum of thirty feet around any structure, occupied or not. Ornamental vegetation should be kept clear of dead material. Some conditions, such as slopes, may require up to 100 feet of clearance.

4. Parcels up to one acre shall be completely abated. Parcels one to five acres require 30 foot clearance around structures and perimeter property lines. Additional 30 foot cross fuel breaks may also be required.

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